Interview #3: Fanny Zara

Fanny Zara is the amazing Mademoiselle Blythe, a wonderful and knowledgeable person whom everyone in the Blythe world adores. She writes her own blog “Mademoiselle Blythe”, which we all wait for excitedly. We each take something different away from her blog, depending upon how far along we are in our passion for Blythe dolls. However it is quite extraordinary how Fanny can ascertain what trends are on the rise, what lasts forever which we will always want to read about, and what we will want to learn more about!

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Fanny is his office at home, where she writes about Blythe and Blythe artists.

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Interview #2: Jean Yates

Jean is the most enthusiast person I know in the Blythe community and her enthusiasm is so contagious that I do think she can make anyone love Blythe! 😉
We never met in person but, even online, I feel that she is a ray of sunshine for us all and the light of their life for her family. As an organizer of the For the Love of Blythe project, she keeps Cindy and me relaxed and focused on the positive sides when we face worries or problems. Her input is crucial and always driven by kindness and generosity. Jean is also a wonderful jewelry designer and her talent is visible in every bead and charm she selects for her OOAK designs. She knows exactly how to surprise and enchant us. This is an art and she masters it intensely.


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