Book Release Announcement!

Cindy, Jean and I are very pleased and honored to announce the release of the book we have all been waiting for for 2 years! The For the Love of Blythe book project is now completed, just in time for BlytheCon NYC as promised and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did, dreaming of it and making it.

Book CoverCover photo: Princess Di-O-Rama

Here is the full online preview:

And our “uber” talented team members are:Contributors list

“This book is a project nearly 2 years in the making. The idea of a collaborative effort of Blythe doll artists came to Cindy some time in 2011. The idea got tweaked and rolled around in her mind enough that it eventually led to her having a dream (actual, not figurative) where Jean, Fanny and Cindy were creating a book within the global community of Blythe doll enthusiasts. Jean and Cindy were friends to begin with. Jean knew Fanny, but Fanny had never heard of Cindy. Cindy takes her dreams pretty seriously and contacted Jean the day after her dream. “How busy are you right now?” she asked Jean. Jean was super busy, but being Jean, she said, “Not busy. What do you need?” Cindy made Jean pinkie swear that she would not share her idea of a “super secret” collaboration project and asked her if she would join in. “Of course,” she said. That’s Jean.

That was the first week of November 2011.  The holidays were fast approaching. More details would be forthcoming after Cindy got one other person involved. That was, of course, Fanny. Not knowing a thing about Cindy or what the project was, Fanny said, “yes!”  Lucky for Jean and Cindy.

Fanny is like an entire steering committee unto herself, Jean is the one to keep us laughing. Cindy has plenty of ideas, but Swiss cheese for a brain, so between the 3, somehow the project came together, moved along, and here we are in the summer of 2013, just before Blythecon 2013 in NYC, with plenty to share. What you are seeing here is the fruit of our labor:  40 artists, 7 teams from around the world (6 doll teams, 1 special team), collaborating on 7 gorgeous art dolls in a labor of love. Jean brought Rose of MoonRouge in, who created some gorgeous icons for our project, which gave us the idea of a rainbow of colors.  7 dolls, 40 artists, a rainbow of colors, a whole lot of love. What else did we need?  It was a big, somewhat ambitious project. The results speak for themselves. The community of people involved with this one amazing  doll (Blythe, of course), from across the planet is amazing. It is to you this book is dedicated”.

XOXO Jean, Fanny and Cindy

2 thoughts on “Book Release Announcement!

  1. Congratulations! I have sooo been hanging out for this…this will be a most treasured book indeed, can’t come soon enough x

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