Interview #3: Fanny Zara

Fanny Zara is the amazing Mademoiselle Blythe, a wonderful and knowledgeable person whom everyone in the Blythe world adores. She writes her own blog “Mademoiselle Blythe”, which we all wait for excitedly. We each take something different away from her blog, depending upon how far along we are in our passion for Blythe dolls. However it is quite extraordinary how Fanny can ascertain what trends are on the rise, what lasts forever which we will always want to read about, and what we will want to learn more about!

Mademoiselleblythe. Fanny is his office at home, where she writes about Blythe and Blythe artists.

Fanny also has a sidebar link collection on her blog of incredibly well researched information concerning Blythe dolls, stores which cater to them, customizers, couturiers and accessory makers. It is very helpful! Some of the subjects on her blog which she has covered are great Blythe collectors, great Blythe customizers, different Blythe Cons and meets around the world, wonderful Blythe photographers, and Blythe lovers who specialize in creating the most glorious settings for their Blythe dolls. All of these interviews and reports demonstrate a knowledge of the people being discussed or from whom Fanny is asking questions which extends far beyond most regular research. One can only conclude that Fanny is a GREAT BLYTHE LOVER and a fountain of general knowledge due to this profound love. It must additionally be noted that Fanny is one of the sweetest and most gracious people we know in the Blythe community!
As two of the administrators of For the Love of Blythe, Cindy and I thought it would be fun to split up the questions and ask Fanny, our fellow administrator, some questions from each of our perspectives.  Then I begged Fanny to choose her own pictures to illustrate  the interview. I just had to do this, as Fanny is so good at picking out photos to accent to perfection her own interviews.  Her interviews and her photo choices are always perfectly balanced–it is remarkable.

So here we offer you the interview of Fanny Zara, one of the administrators of the project, For the Love of Blythe, blogger for the blog devoted to the project and author of her famous blog, Mademoiselle Blythe, Blythe Doll Fashions.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you live and were you brought up there?

Hi Cindy and Jean! My name is Fanny Zara, I am originally from France but now I am Canadian too. I have been living near Montreal for 2 years and before that I lived in San Francisco, then in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Actually, I follow my husband and his job location. We have 2 kids, a 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.

Mademoiselleblythe. Fanny and one of her first Blythes in January 2010 when she still lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

How did you get interested in Blythes, initially?

I saw a Blythe doll on a crafter’s blog and got hooked right away. From that very moment, I have never stopped searching info online about that special doll and I am still doing it to write articles on my blog in fact! I cannot completely explain why because I have never been a dolly person, never even had been interested in Barbies, but I think Blythe appeared to me as a design object and that’s one of the reasons I loved her right away and for good, but I know there must be other reasons and I am also very intrigued by the psychology behind loving Blythe.

Mademoiselleblythe. Blythe loves color and colors love Blythe. Amelia is one of the Traveling Blythes 2011 and she now lives with Rockymountainroz.

Mademoiselleblythe. Blythe can have so many different styles. Fanny’s Happibug custom girls.

What happened after that?

Finally, on May 2009, after 6 months of research, I decided it was time to get my first Blythe and I bought on Miss Blythe store a stock Frosty Frock and a stock Prima Dolly Aubrena.

Mademoiselleblythe. One of Fanny’s first Blythe pictures with her first doll.

What is your favorite mold of Blythe, if you have one favorite, and why?

My favorite mold is Kenner. They have a special glow due to age and I just love the fact that they lived many adventures before us. I have to admit that I feel very happy to have the same age as them. I take it as a sign, as it was meant to be…

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Fanny’s first Kenner.

How many years have you been collecting Blythes?

3 years already… Time passes so quickly with Blythe and Blythe friends!

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Fanny’s dolly family in November 2011.

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Where Fanny’s dolls live.

Why did you start your Mademoiselle Blythe blog? Did you have a special reason? We think it is spectacular! We never fail to read it!

Thank you for the compliment! I started my blog initially  for myself to keep traces of what I loved and who I admired in the Blythe world and also to exist in some way in the Blythe community. Everyone is so talented, either in photography, fashion design or customization and I wanted to make my contribution.

I am fascinated by artists and fashion designers and it is so exciting to get to know them better, find out how they got into Blythe and understand what inspires them. Blythe is actually the best way for me to combine everything I love and want to be part of my life: art, fashion, beauty. I am moved by anything I find beautiful. It can be a work of art, a book, a movie, a song, a jacket, a hat, a poem… or a doll. Blythe moves me and makes me happy just looking at her. I feel like owning one tiny piece of all the wonders our world offer. That is why the purpose of my blog is to list and show everything I find interesting and beautiful in the Blythe world according to my personal artistic tastes.

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Example of a blog entry.

A question I am always apt to ask in an interview: what is your favorite color and why?

It has always been blue… no idea why… maybe because I have blue eyes?!

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Fanny’s one and only blue girl: a Happibug custom.

I would love to ask more, but now it is Cindy’s turn! 

Why did you agree to join the For the Love of Blythe Project?

Because you asked me! Haha! Actually, I felt very honored you thought about me and as soon as I got the big picture of the project, I found it just brilliant and wonderful. I love simple ideas. To me, they are always the best ones and our project is very simple on the paper indeed. This is true that many people are involved and that it is a lot of organization but the idea behind is simply fabulous!

Photos: Moon Rouge. For the Love of Blythe book project – The iconic Goldie wearing all the team’s colors.

What do you love most about being involved with the Blythe community?

I love looking at people’s pictures on Flickr. They are so inspiring! I love to take new pictures and share them with the community. I love to think and write about Blythe and the people who love her. I love going to BlytheCon… meeting online friends in real life is a treat!
The Blythe community is absolutely amazing and full of people who are definitely much more careful, generous, talented and enthusiast than I had ever imagined of any online community. It’s such a pleasure to communicate with Blythe friends, share the love for our dolls but also parts of our lives and thoughts. I made many friends I now feel so close to even though they live in another part of the world. I know I would never have been able to meet them without Blythe, so I am very grateful.

Photos: Mademoiselleblythe, Rockymountainroz and Ellewoods2007 – BlytheCon in Portland in June 2011.

I cannot wait to go to BlytheCon in Dallas this year and in 2013 to BlytheCon in New York where I will finally meet you both! 🙂

What challenges you?

Photography and graphic design are definitely the skills I would love to improve to enjoy my Blythe hobby even more. I started crochet a few months ago and my project is to be able to create designs for my dolls at some point, not to sell them but just for the sake of creating something lovely for my dolls.

Photo: Rockymountainroz. Taking dolly shots in Portland in June 2011.

Photos: Googoojue and Mademoiselleblythe. Taking dolly shots in Toronto in October 2011.

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Fanny’s latest crochet project – pattern by Ohsewpretty.

What excites you?

A new doll! And with a new Kenner, I am on Cloud Nine! Lol!

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Fanny’s third Kenner and last one arrived in her dolly family: a chunky bangs redhead.

What makes you tick?

My Dad was a fashion designer and a painter. I guess that is the main reason why I studied history of art at the school of the Louvre Museum and why I have always been attracted to art, artists, creativity, uniqueness, style, fashion, design and OOAK objects and simply beautiful things… The love and admiration for who my father was and everything he designed or did led to who I am now as a woman and as a mother. I remember my father telling me that when he was a teenager, he designed and sewed clothes for his girlfriends’ dolls. Playing with Blythe is eventually a way to follow my father’s steps and think about him. I have always loved fashion for myself, but now I love it for my daughter and my dolls too. That’s why I make sometimes crochet projects in 3 different sizes, adult size for me, kid size for my daughter and doll size for Blythe. It makes me practice a lot! Lol! I am not into many things, but when I am into something, I commit myself totally 🙂

Fanny and her daddy in the 70s.

We have jumped into this Blythe project with a lot of good ideas, but only an inkling of how it will evolve or how we will rise to the occasion. If you could predict the future, what will we being doing a year from now in terms of this project?

I am pretty sure we will add the finishing touched to the book at this very time next year, plan the printing and the exhibition of the 7 special dolls at BlytheCon in NY! I know we will all do whatever it takes to make it and I am very confident and very positive! 🙂

Photo: TRIO. Doll in progress by the red team.Photo: G♥Baby. Doll in progress by the orange team.

Family, work, Blythe. What other things have your attention?

A few very close friends who are not into Blythe… and my life is more than full. I cannot add anything more or I feel the whole ship will sink… or fall!

Many thanks to you for interviewing me! 😉

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. Good balance: Petite Wanderlings custom.

Thank you so much, Fanny, for thanking the time to answer our questions! We love your replies! Both of us truly had a wonderful time interviewing you –it was great fun!

Jean and Cindy or Cindy and Jean

Photo: Mademoiselleblythe. The red bat by Cindy Sowers.

3 thoughts on “Interview #3: Fanny Zara

  1. Dear Fanny, you are such a beautiful and brilliant person! I do not know what our Blythe community would do without you!!! This interview was so fun to do and I got such pleasure asking my part of the questions and reading ALL your answers! My favorite parts are about your love of Kenners–you do show how amazing they are!!! and your love of your father. That love is so evident and has touched everything you do and we are all the better for it! thanks and love, jean xoxox!!! 🙂

  2. Yay, yay, yay! Finally we get you up here! Great photos. Great responses. I am so thrilled to have met you, to be learning more about you, and to have you be a driving force in this project with Jean and I. Will be very excited to meet you in person. It’s been great fun so far. No doubt it will be a lot of fun (and hard work) as we go. Couldn’t think of any other people I would rather be in this with. Thank you once again. Great interview! – Cindy

  3. Awesome interview by amazing blythe collectors, enthusiasts, and wonderful friends. This is one of the best interviews because it is about Fanny! Fanny is beautiful, sweet person, who does so much for the blythe community, and inspires many of us. Her interviews are always a treat to read. And now here it is, this missing link, Fanny in her own words! I love it! You did wonderful job, Cindy and Jean!

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