Welcome to the violet team!

Please help us welcome warmly the Asian team! 3 new members just joined to complete the team. We are very honored and happy to have them participate in the “For the Love of Blythe” book project.

Hanon will be in charge of the faceup while Kuloft and ILoveShop will be in the accessory designer team with Atelier Matin.

So here are the members of the Asian team with pictures of their art:
Hanon for faceup (Japan)
Anniedollz for hair and eyechips (China)
Jiajiadoll for costume (China)
Atelier Matin for accessories (Japan)
ILoveShop for accessories (Thailand)
Kuloft for accessories (Thailand)
Turbow for photography (Thailand)

We are also very excited to have 3 different nationalities, which makes the team very cosmopolitan.

Welcome everyone and we hope you will enjoy this Blythe adventure together!

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