Hello, Blythe World!

Cindy Sowers, Jean Yates and I are very happy to announce the official start of the book project: For the Love of Blythe. The subject of our book is 7 unique custom Blythe dolls created by 7 teams of 7 artists through a collaborative work. We want to show the world that the Blythe community abounds with many talented customizers, artists, costume designers and photographers from locations all over the globe. Each member will add their talent and expertise and the whole “doll making” process will be explained and detailed through pictures. The final photographs of each doll will be taken by well-known photographers within the Blythe community and Cindy, aka Princess Di-O-Rama, will take the group shots.

Photo: Moon Rouge. Rose designed our icon for the project. The rainbow tee represents all the teams together. Many thanks to you, Rose!

The basis for the project is to showcase the talent within the Blythe community, coming together for one big project to make friends, have fun, and do something outside of ourselves to help others in some way. We think the Blythe community as a whole has a big heart. There are lots of really talented, interesting and generous people, who all love Blythe. We think that Blythe is more than just a doll or a child’s toy. She has a life of her own which, remarkably, seems to bring people together from all walks of life, who want to have fun, see beauty in the world and want to share it. We would like to bring that notion to the forefront and give back in some small way. Each of the 7 dolls will be auctioned to charity at the end of the project.

It’s going to be a busy year for us all. We invite you to follow along with us as we post our progress here. Please follow us and tell your friends. May 2012 be a tremendous year for everyone in the fabulous Blythe community!

We are very proud to announce and welcome the following team members:

Orange Team: USA
G♥Baby, Friends with Blythe, Unicornmine, Atomic Blythe, SqueakyQueen, CindySowers, Ellewoods2007

Green Team: North & South America
Happibug, Shershe, I Have Wings, Glamourfae, Eurotrash, Wwendalynne, Rockymountainroz

Pink Team: USA & Canada
Zaloa27, Melacacia, Best Dressed Doll, Jean Yates, Moon Rouge, Gingermelon, Shannon Taylor

Blue Team: Southern Europe
Ezekielle, Vainilladolly, Sarah Boirin, Morganours, Madame ze cat, Sevastra and one surprise guest

Yellow Team: Northern Europe
Jodie Dolls, Tinkerina, *jaszmade, Kikihalb, Suzy, Polly, Camillaeatfiftyeggs

Red Team: Pacific area
Angel Lily, Addicted to plastic, Chu Things, TRIO, Snuffy, Kittyrobot, Yennie

Violet Team: Asia
Anniedollz, Jiajiadoll, Atelier Matin, Turbow and 3 surprise guests

Photos: Cindy Sowers (left) & Jny_jeanpretty (right). What the cool girls are wearing.

Let’s Play With Dolls!

Fanny Zara
on behalf of For the Love of Blythe administrators: Cindy SowersJean YatesFanny Zara

14 thoughts on “Hello, Blythe World!

  1. I was trying to figure out how to leave comments! I think I have it now 🙂 Yay, Yay! Thank you so much for this beautiful blog post, Fanny. The banner header is the bomb! It’s going to be such a fun year! – Cindy

  2. It’s a great project that is very excited however I think it’s sad the european teams are so not representative of the Blythe Community. I mean Spain has a huge blythe fans community (on of the biggest in Europe with UK) with so many talents… and there is only one person from Spain in the 2 european teams ???

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