Welcome to the violet team!

Please help us welcome warmly the Asian team! 3 new members just joined to complete the team. We are very honored and happy to have them participate in the “For the Love of Blythe” book project.

Hanon will be in charge of the faceup while Kuloft and ILoveShop will be in the accessory designer team with Atelier Matin.

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Interview #1: Cindy Sowers

Cindy is the Great Architect of the For the Love of Blythe project. She had a dream and has such a beautiful personality that everyone jumped on board to dream with her and play with dolls!

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Hello, Blythe World!

Cindy Sowers, Jean Yates and I are very happy to announce the official start of the book project: For the Love of Blythe. The subject of our book is 7 unique custom Blythe dolls created by 7 teams of 7 artists through a collaborative work. We want to show the world that the Blythe community abounds with many talented customizers, artists, costume designers and photographers from locations all over the globe. Each member will add their talent and expertise and the whole “doll making” process will be explained and detailed through pictures. The final photographs of each doll will be taken by well-known photographers within the Blythe community and Cindy, aka Princess Di-O-Rama, will take the group shots.

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